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Dog and Cat Food

Treat Play Love specializes in high quality dog and cat food - kibble, canned, dehydrated, and raw, frozen and freeze dried. Our food is of the highest quality featuring human-grade, high quality ingredients. Everything we bring into the store we would feed to our own pets. We carry brands such as Orijen, Acana, Zignature, Fromm, NutriLife, Nature's Variety Instinct, Taste of the Wild, Primal, OC Raw Dog, Stella & Chewy's, and many more!

Don't forget that many of our foods offer frequent buyer programs- Buy 12 bags and receive a free bag!

Dog and Cat Treats

Treat Play Love offers a great variety of natural, healthy dog and cat treats. You can find it all here - crunchy biscuits, small training treats, dental treats, decorative baked goods, freeze dried treats, jerky, and bulk treats, as well as specialty items like birthday cakes mixes and doggy ice cream!

Dog Chews

Treat Play Love offers a broad selection of dog chews, everything from our ever popular marrow bones and bully sticks to chicken feet, pig ears, rib rollers, Ruff Roots, cod skins, salmon cigars, deer bones, elk antlers, Himalayan Dog Chews, sweet potato chews, water buffalo horns, hooves, knuckle bone filets, rabbit rolls, Nylabone and much much more!

Dog and Cat Toys

Treat Play Love has a wide variety of dog and cat toys for any of the furry members of your household - from the mild mannered to the ultimate destroyer.

Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses Training Aids and Behavior Modification

Treat Play Love carries collars, harnesses, and leashes in all sizes and colors.  We also carry Pet Correctors, treat pouches, agility tabs, muzzles, bitter sprays, no-pull harnesses, Harness Leads, clickers, training leads, and much more.

Cat Litter

Treat Play Love not only carries several different brands of cat litter, but also awesome litter scoops, litter box mats, deodorizers, and cleaners.

Supplements and Health

Treat Play Love carries many supplements for anything you need including joints, dental, calming, skin and coat, and digestive.  


Hey, they all poop!  Treat Play Love carries poop bags and pooper scoopers.We also carry pills for those critters who think it should be eaten instead of bagged.

Dog Apparel

Let's face it, we live in North Dakota and it's COLD here.  Not only do we carry down parkas and heavy hoodies, we also have Ultra Paws dog boots...and yes, they DO stay on!  We've tried them on our dogs.

Grooming Supplies

We do not have a groomer, but we do have grooming supplies.  Treat Play Love carries shampoo, nail clipper and grinders, ear cleaner, brushes, styptic powder - everything you need to get the job done at home or at our self serve wash!  

Why Feed a Raw Diet?

More and more professionals in the world of dogs and cats and thousands of concerned pet owners are advocating a second look at what we feed our animals. There is a growing belief that dogs and cats need a raw, natural diet in order to be healthy and that commercial pet foods cannot supply the nutrients necessary for good health and a long life. And here's what raw-feeding pet owners around the world see in their raw-fed pets:

  • Shinier, healthier skin and coats
  • Cleaner teeth and fresh breath
  • Better weight control
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms
  • Harder, smaller, less smelly stools
  • More energy and stamina
  • Decrease in abnormal hyperactivity
  • Increased mobility in older animals
  • Reduced or eliminated need for veterinary dental work

Switching an animal with an existing health problem to a raw diet can often produce an improvement in their conditions. Among healthy animals, a raw diet is likely to help them avoid some of the illnesses that are now becoming common in our companion animals. Regardless of the starting point for your pet, a high quality raw diet will help promote a long and healthy life.

We have started feeding Ruger a raw diet and we are noticing many positive things - his digestive issues are gone, his coat is beautiful with less shedding, and his teeth are looking better and better! We've decided to take pictures of his teeth to show the difference that we are seeing. Please note that we are doing nothing else with his teeth at this point other than switching him to a raw diet. We will keep you posted on the's more amazing than we ever could have imagined!

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